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9 Biggest ZOMG Moments From SOBEFest

Mar 1 2012 - 2:59pm

By now, you've probably seen just about every food and behind-the-scenes photo [1] from the South Beach Wine & Food Festival [2], but there is one thing you haven't seen yet: some of the craziest moments from our time in South Florida. Presenting . . . the biggest ZOMG moments from this year's festival. Go ahead — you know you want to.

Michael Chiarello Humping a Pole

Yes, that is what you think it is. The whole stunt was part of Rachael Ray's first ever Best Buns [3] contest.

Photo: Camilla Salem

Bobby Flay Pounding Mojitos

A hammered Bobby Flay [4] stopped to gather his words several times after pounding not one, but two mojitos.

Photo: Camilla Salem

Fake Guy Fieri

Yes, the fake Guy Fieri [5] was real.

Photo: Camilla Salem

The Hurricane That Rolled Into the Tents

OK, maybe we're exaggerating, but just a little. Some serious wind gusts and torrential rain hit us when we were in the tents. We so feared for our lives, we got up and left the tent in the middle of the biggest demo in South Beach — Guy Fieri's.

Photo: Camilla Salem

Meeting Antonio

Proof that Camilla nearly died when she met her lifelong crush Antonio Banderas [6]: all of her photographs following the incident were blurry because her hands shook so much.

People Rocking the Tasting, Bikini and Heels Only

The tasting tents were warm, but they weren't that warm.

Guy Fieri Pouring Us Drinks

Guy Fieri personally poured us drinks at a rooftop party in the middle of the night.

Photo: Camilla Salem

Deep-Fried Oreo

Yes, this qualifies as ZOMG. Our first, but definitely not our last.

Photo: Camilla Salem

Oh Sh*t It's Monday Tomorrow

Well said read. Our thoughts exactly when we spotted this in the Sunday grand tasting!

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