As I mentioned last week, the South Beach Wine & Food Festival is a big deal in the foodie world. So naturally the event kicked off yesterday with a big bash (make that a burger bash), hosted by our 30 minute meal maven, Rachael Ray. Sadly, I am thousands of miles away on the other coast and wasn't able to attend it, nor will I be able to attend any of the appetite-whetting events (like the Food Network Awards Show, a panel featuring Anthony Bourdain & Tom Colicchio, Al Roker's BubbleQ, Rachael Ray & Giada's Kidz Kitchen, Martha's (and the Mondavi's) tribute brunch, wine-tastings, food-tastings, and other celebrity chef hob-knobbery)... *sigh* oh well... The event (which is expecting over 18,000 people) is mostly sold-out anyway.

Maybe next year, eh?

Until then, I, like most of you (unless you're lucky and if you are, please do share photos and stories with the rest of us!!), will have to settle for images and anecdotes.

To check out some more pictures from last night's Amstel Light's Burger Bash hosted by Rachael Ray (who, in case you're wondering, is getting groped by Lee B. Schrager - a prominent "event planner and public relations expert"), read more

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