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Rethink This Ingredient: 5 Mouthwatering Ways to Eat Spam

Jul 9 2012 - 4:00am

Some people turn their noses up at Spam. Sure, the old-school metal can and processed square shape can be off-putting, but once you get past that, you enter into a smoky, salty, hammy heaven that is Spam. Simply peel open the top of the can, cut the Spam into half-inch-thick slices or cubes, and panfry it until crispy. In honor of the pork product's 75th anniversary, we've pulled five easy ways to incorporate Spam into your diet.

Source: Flickr user onetimlee [1]

Spam Scramble

Hello, breakfast! Spam makes a great substitution for bacon or sausage when you don't have any on hand. Slice the spam very thinly, and fry it up until it's crispy. Sauté vegetables, scramble eggs, and then combine all of the ingredients.

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Spam and Cheese Tarts

Spam makes a great tart filling and an easy-to-prepare appetizer. Press puff pastry dough into a mini muffin tin. Fill with cheese and fried spam pieces and bake 12 minutes in the oven at 350°F or until crispy.

Source: Flickr user Joelk75 [3]

Spam Ramen

The sweet, saltiness of spam pairs beautifully with Asian-spiced ramen or noodles.

Source: Flickr user onetimlee [4]

Spam Burger

Spam takes a whole new meaning as a grilled Summer favorite. Add a fried egg on top of the spam burger and let the runny yolk soak into a thick brioche bun.

Source: Flickr user jasonlam [5]

Fried Spam

Bring the county fair home. Batter spam, deep-fry or panfry it in vegetable oil, and serve it with a spicy-sweet chutney dipping sauce.

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