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10 Cocktails That Channel Spring Break

Mar 8 2013 - 4:25am

Wishing you were on Spring break right about now? Sip one of these refreshing cocktails to pretend you're poolside. Whether or not you're sitting in the sun, a crisp, cool drink can transport you straight to your favorite beach spot. From sweet daiquiris to fresh and simple sips, these 10 cocktails make any day feel like a vacation.


With passionfruit, pineapple, orange, and lime juice, this rum- and Galliano-based hurricane [1] is sure to transport you straight to Spring break.

Coconut Lime Daiquiri

You'll feel the sand beneath your toes as you sip this coconut lime daiquiri [2], an easy mix of coconut rum, simple syrup, and freshly squeezed lime juice.

Ramos Gin Fizz

Tired of all the standard soda-fizz drinks? Try something unexpected: a creamy, orange flower-tinged Ramos gin fizz [3] with egg white for a little extra lift.


Blend Campari and dry white wine over crushed ice to make a simple (but so delicious) Bicyclette [4] cocktail.

Grapefruit Mimosa

You may not be sitting seaside, but you can start the day with a ruby red grapefruit mimosa [5] to capture the calm.

Pineapple-Rum Cocktail

Is there anything more Spring break-appropriate than a pineapple-rum cocktail [6] topped with lime?

Southern Exposure

For a refreshing cocktail that's a bit more savory and unexpected, try the Southern Exposure [7]. Reminiscent of a less sweet gin-based mojito, this beauty of a cocktail is set apart by an ingenious ingredient: celery juice.

Madam Geneva's Jam Cocktail

Mix gin or vodka with lemon juice, simple syrup, and a spoonful of your favorite jam to create Madam Geneva's Jam Cocktail [8].

Garden & Tonic

It's like a spa in a glass — fresh and crisp, the Garden & Tonic [9] cocktail contains elderflower, mint leaves, and celery bitters to help you feel instantly relaxed.

Tequila Sunrise

Go all-out tropical with a beach-day classic, the sweet and tasty tequila sunrise [10].

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