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From Frog Legs to Quail Eggs: A Look a Global Street Food

Nov 5 2012 - 4:25am

Some might call it played out, but there's a reason why street food is so popular, and well, that's because it's pretty awesome. Authentic and usually priced way below what you'd see at a restaurant, there's perhaps no better way to appreciate its convenience than looking at street food from around the globe. Here, we've rounded up some photos of well-known snacks like churros and more exotic ones like octopus balls (yes, you read that right). Have a look and let us know if you have any favorites!

Tteokbokki in Korea

This foodie picked up rice cakes marinated in spicy sweet sauce for less than $1.

Source: Instagram user Teymarie [1]

Cannoli in Sicily

A staple in Italy, the tube-shaped pastry doughs are often filled with ricotta cream.

Source: Instagram user sara_aria [2]

Aloo Chaat in Jaipur

This fried potato dish with spices and chutney is often found in north India.

Source: Instagram user evilbutsweet [3]

Frog Legs in Macau

There are also shrimp, snails, and more to be had.

Source: Instagram user wendeestarz [4]

Oysters and Mussels in Britain

Eating bivalves [5] off the street might sound a little odd, but they make a well-known snack in the UK.

Source: Instagram user yoonziya [6]

Octopus Balls in Malaysia . . .

. . . With quail eggs on the side.

Source: Instagram user ryanwee [7]

Shrimp and Egg Pastry in Taipei

Yes, this Taiwanese dish is cooked before serving.

Source: Instagram user markmcclure [8]

Chestnuts in Rome

We hear these are on every corner in the Winter months.

Source: Instagram user alma_andr [9]

Churros in Rotterdam

Churros aren't just found in Latin America. They get an extra dose of sugar and chocolate in the Netherlands.

Source: Instagram user rania_alattar1 [10]

Corn Dogs Covered in French Fries in Seoul

You don't have to go to a carnival to get this mega food-fair combo.

Source: Instagram user gavnbdhrsn [11]

Chilindrina in Juarez

A dish specific to Juarez, it's typically made up of flour chicharrĂ³n topped with shredded cabbage, pork skins, tomato, sour cream, and avocado slices.

Source: Instagram user dvorad64 [12]

Frozen Fruit in Beijing

Not sure how long they can keep them displayed outdoors like that.

Source: Instagram user sikayanuar [13]

Zapiekanka in Poland

"What is a zapiekanka?" you might ask. Typically, it's a baguette topped with mushrooms and cheese, vegetables, and some kind of meat.

Source: Instagram user jrrld [14]

Pizza From Hawaii

Not all pizza from the Aloha State is made of ham and pineapple.

Source: Instagram user jdomjpe [15]

Duck Embryo in the Philippines

Also known as balut, this is one street food you have to be brave enough to, err, stomach.

Source: Instagram user hartnic [16]

Hot Dog in Denmark

That's one hot dog that's different than anything we'd find here in the US.

Source: Instagram user mochimichie [17]

Chicken in Vietnam

Grilled legs and wings with a side of vegetables is popular dish.

Source: Instagram user hoangtran2806 [18]

Elote in Texas

Found in Mexico, the corn-on-the-cob dish has made its way across the border.

Source: Instagram user ewrek21 [19]

Snails in Saudi Arabia

Here you can get it served in soup, too.

Source: Instagram user namronherrera [20]

Al Pastor in Mexico City

Al pastor [21] (or pork) tacos are often prepared doner kebab style.

Source: Instagram user mzjadew [22]

Coconut Ice Cream in Bangkok

Forget fresh coconut — this is one way of serving the fruit that we'd like to try on a hot day.

Source: Instagram user sallyang [23]

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