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Saluting the Kernel: 10 Tantalizing and Toothsome Corn Recipes

Jun 21 2013 - 8:15am

We love the bounty of Summer fruits and vegetables that make an appearance this time of year: they're so sun-ripened and sweet that it's hard to get enough before the season comes to a close. Corn is one veggie that seems to disappear as suddenly as it materializes, so we try to incorporate it into as many meals as possible in order to enjoy those crunchy, sweet kernels. Whether you prefer gnawing an ear down to the cob or spooning the kernels into a salad, we've gathered up 10 corn recipes to round out any Summer meal.

Chilled Corn Soup

When the mercury rises, cool off with a refreshing Summer starter — a a chilled raw avocado and corn soup [1].

Mexican Street Food-Style Grilled Corn

If Mexico is on your Summer vacation road map, then stop off at a roadside stand for a street-food staple of grilled corn topped with crema, cotija cheese, and dried chile powder. If the farthest South you'll get is your backyard cookout, then try making your own [2].

Corn and Cheese Cakes

Melty cheese contrasts with crunchy panko and juicy corn in grilled corn cakes [3].

Grilled Chile Lime Corn

For another south-of-the-border take on grilled corn, try spicing things up with dried chile, lime, and cilantro [4]. Depending on the type of dried ground chile you use, you can turn up or down the heat factor.

Corn and Cotija Salad

Leftover grilled corn is an easy Summer salad [5] when tossed with salty cotija cheese, creme fraiche, and ancho chile powder.

Cilantro-Lime Corn

An extra helping of chopped cilantro [6] brings to the forefront this pungent herb but still lets the sweet corn flavor shine through.

Summer Corn Sauté

This Summer corn sauté [7] is an effortless dish; basically you take corn and sauté it in butter, then throw in a bunch of herbs.

Grilled Corn With Herbed Butter

A basic herbed butter [8] brings a refined touch to grilled corn, and it's great on steaks and tossed with other cooked vegetables too!

Grilled White Pizza

If you find yourself with a bumper crop of corn this season, then try a grilled white pizza [9]. Sweet white corn keeps the look monochromatic, but zucchini, thyme, and ricotta make the flavors sing.

Grilled Corn With Maple and Chipotle Butter

Digging into this sweet and spicy corn treat [10] will leave you licking your lips and your fingers — and coming back for seconds!

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