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Summer Reading: The Omnivore's Dilemma

Summer Reading: The Omnivore's Dilemma

The Omnivore's Dilemma was one of last year's most talked about food books and yet it didn't have a single recipe in it. In fact, it didn't have any kitchen tips either. So what was it about and what made it so popular?

Author Michael Pollan uses his tome as a way to explore the way we deal with food, or actually, the way we don't deal with food. As he travels up and down the food chain, it is obvious that he clearly believes our society has become greatly distanced from our food. The meat we purchase in the grocery store is shaped like a slab, not an animal. His disgust at the factory farming industry is very clear and his words are sometimes frightening to digest. Whether you're a full-fledged meat eater or a long-time vegetarian, The Ominvore's Dilemma will definitely make you think twice about how you consume food.

Have any of you read it? If so, what did you think?

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geohiker geohiker 8 years
I like this, and the new Barbara Kingsolver book. They really make you think about your food, which is the first step toward making good choices for yourself.
paceypickles paceypickles 9 years
Um. I read it and learned a lesson: don't believe everything you read.
ashmelissa ashmelissa 9 years
I read it early last year I think? Good book. I was on a food book kick....Don't eat this book, Fast food Nation, and Everything you know is wrong.
tralala2 tralala2 9 years
Happy to read he has finished another book! Botany of Desire is excellent! If you like Michael Pollan you might also want to try out Diane Ackermann (author of: The Natural History of Love, A Natural History of the Senses, An Alchemy of the Mind), and also Jared Diamond's: Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies. I love books written in this informative style.
shulvrkrp shulvrkrp 9 years
Thanks for the comments guys! I want to read this book now!
sarsour82 sarsour82 9 years
I JUST finished reading this book! I have to say that it is by far the most interesting book I have ever read. I am a foodie and love reading books about cooking and food but this was much much more. It might go into a little more detail about the history of corn consumption than you might want to read but it is worth it! I learned so much!
fireyelectra fireyelectra 9 years
This is a completely fascinating book, just like Pollan's other food book The Botany of Desire: A Plant's Eye-View of the World. Omnivore's Dilemma really does make you think twice about where your food comes from and why its always best to buy local and organic. It's some truly fine journalism.
figurine figurine 9 years
I haven't heard about this book before, but it definitely sounds fascinating. I googled the title and found some interesting things, gotta read it!
annebam annebam 9 years
I was forced to read the Omnivore's Dilemma for a college assignment, and was really afraid to start it, it sounded really boring. But I loved it. It goes into a lot detail about strange things like the corn used to make high fructose corn syrup, but it is very interesting and convincing. It really got me thinking about my food. I have told all my friends to read it: I'd highly, highly recommend it.
LaLaLaurie06 LaLaLaurie06 9 years
i have never even heard of it, but perhaps i'll throw it on my list
ALSW ALSW 9 years
Haven't read it...
ALSW ALSW 9 years
Haven't read it...
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