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6 Swedish Recipes For a Memorable Midsummer Soiree

Jun 14 2013 - 8:15am

Ever wanted to celebrate Christmas in the Summer? For the Swedish, there is such a thing (or it comes pretty darn close). Midsummer is a big celebration where friends and family gather on the Friday and Saturday between June 19 and 26 every year to celebrate the Summer solstice. There are songs, dancing, and, of course, fabulous food. If you're planning your own Midsummer soiree, you'll want to have all the right finger-licking dishes. Ahead, check out six recipes that will get you in the full-blown festive spirit — sans Santa hat.

Fingerling Potatoes

There are two dishes that, no matter what else is served, must be present at a Midsummer celebration. Small potatoes are one of them, and they usually come sprinkled with greens. Cook up these butter, parsley, and pepper potatoes [1] for a fundamental yet flavorful recipe.


No Swedish smorgasbord would be complete without gravlax, or cured salmon. Making the dish is way less intimidating than you think, especially thanks to this easy-to-follow recipe [2] that pairs up with classic dill. By the time Midsummer rolls around, you'll be the gravlax guru.

Open-Faced Sandwich

The Swedes know how to make a mean open-faced sandwich, that's for sure. And the best part is there are no rules when it comes to the main ingredients, as long as you don't smush the bread slices together. Try this tasty open-faced egg sandwich [3] that's light but still satisfying enough to eat for lunch or dinner.

Strawberries and Whipped Cream

Wondering what that second must-have Midsummer dish is? Here's your answer: strawberries served with whipped cream. But don't just serve it the regular ol' way. Get creative and prepare your own version with this heavenly strawberry tart [4] that tastes just as delicious as it looks.

Elderflower Sparkler

It's not a proper Swedish celebration unless there's some elderflower liqueur involved. Clink glasses with this grapefruit-elderflower sparkler [5] that's fizzy, tangy, and dreamy all at once. Looking for another Swedish drink? There's nothing more classic than some spiced aquavit [6] that you can make at home.

Thumbprint Cookies

Anyone who knows a Swede or has ever visited the country knows the significance of thumbprint cookies. While they're usually made with jam, this chocolate frosting version [7] is smooth, rich, and tart — a unique twist on the otherwise delicate cookie and the perfect way to top off a party.

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