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Taste Test: Kettle Baked Chips

In my larder, Kettle Chips are a regularly stocked item. My guy and I eat so many of the thick-cut, ultracrunchy, gourmet-flavored Death Valley Chipotle and Backyard Barbecue bags that I've tried, several times, to put a moratorium on any Kettle Chips in the house. You can probably guess how successful I was.

Then, right after the ultraheavy holidays, I received a package of Kettle's new baked chips. In my attempt to lighten up my diet, I thought the timing couldn't be better. To see what my sweetheart and I thought of them,


Kettle's baked chips come in four different flavors that mimic the regular potato chip flavors: Lightly Salted, Sea Salt and Vinegar, Hickory Honey Barbecue, and Aged White Cheddar; I tried the first two. My initial thought was that of disappointment: the baked chips aren't nearly as thick as their deep-fried counterparts, which means they have less of the signature Kettle crunch to them. And, like most baked chips, they lack that weightless, melt-in-your-mouth quality. Nevertheless, the chips are thicker than the average bag of potato chips, which gives them a crunchiness advantage. Each chip has just the right amount of seasoning, with flavors that prove consistent when compared to their deep-fried cousins.

My guy said he'll stick to the original, but I would say that when I'm looking to lighten up, I'll turn to these chips to hold me over. Have you tasted them yet?

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