It was to my fortune — and misfortune — that a box of Lindt Raisin & Nuts chocolate bars arrived in the office today. Never one for self-restraint, I went for the chocolate as soon as the afternoon snack craving hit. As I was enjoying it, I couldn't help but wonder how it stood up to its Cadbury counterpart, the classic Fruit & Nut bar, in a side-by-side comparison. Find out how both fared after the jump.

The Lindt bar, which was studded with raisins, hazelnuts, and almonds, was smooth and creamy, with a low melting point. The bar was larger, with small shards of hazelnut and almond, as well as small raisins. In contrast, the Cadbury bar was much chunkier, with large pieces of almond and enormous raisins. It had a pleasantly mellow milk chocolate taste, but a significantly more crumbly consistency.

When the consistency of the Cadbury bar was compared side-by-side to the Lindt bar, the Fruit & Nut bar simply crumbled to the competition. We preferred the mouthfeel of the Lindt chocolate, and the more subtle fruit and nut pieces — although the Cadbury was a satisfying second place.


Have you ever tried Cadbury's famous nut and fruit bar, or its Lindt counterpart? What did you think of them?