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Thanksgiving Tip: Refill Your Ice Trays

Nov 19 2009 - 7:50am

Before a party or a big feast like Thanksgiving [1], there are a couple of minor — yet impactful — things I always make sure to do. One is to empty the dishwasher [2]; another is to refill my ice trays completely with fresh water. There's nothing more annoying than reaching for ice to go with water, punch [3], or cocktails [4], only to find that there's one cube left.

Add a note to your Thanksgiving planner [5]: The morning of the big dinner, fill your trays with distilled water, which will prevent ice from appearing cloudy in the center [6]. When guests arrive, you'll be able to serve them drinks with a just-made batch of ice. What little tasks help you stay on top of all the Thanksgiving mania?

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