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Top Chef Recap 5.11: Le Bernardin

I'm bummed: The person I was rooting for was asked to leave during last night's episode of Top Chef. After the remaining six cheftestants were treated to a decadent lunch at guest judge Eric Ripert's New York City restaurant, Le Bernardin, they were asked to recreate a dish. Did you catch the show? To discuss in more depth (warning spoilers ahead),


  1. Is Carla underestimated?
  2. Have you ever filleted a fish?
  3. How did you feel about Leah giving up on the quickfire challenge?
  4. How did the chefs look dressed in their finest at lunch?
  5. Do you think the chefs knew they would be cooking at Le Bernardin?
  6. Did Jamie have a disadvantage because her dish was the only one that Eric did not taste?
  7. Was Stefan's dish the easiest to recreate?
  8. Were you surprised to see Jamie go when she cooked her fish correctly and Hosea and Leah did not?
  9. Did Bravo keep around Leah and Hosea because they hoped more romantic sparks would fly between the couple?
  10. With only five cheftestants left, who will win?


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