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10 Fads From the Winter Fancy Food Show

Jan 19 2011 - 2:37pm

We're always on the lookout for upcoming trends [1], and there's no better place to spot them than at the Fancy Foods show [2], where thousands of exhibitors display the latest and greatest edibles they've developed for the mass market. There was some trends you could probably guess were huge — everything was gluten-free! — but here are a few that you probably didn't.

— Additional reporting by Camilla Salem

Exotic-Sounding Wholesome Grains

Amaranth, kamut, quinoa, black rice, steel cut oats: healthful grains in a variety of colors — many of them ancient grain varieties — were prevalent everywhere. And, like we predicted, steel cut oatmeal was everywhere; even Quaker Oats is getting behind that popular movement.

Flavored Mustard

From mild tarragon to lemon dill to Cajun to spicy buffalo, we saw mustard in all flavors. One European mustard company told us that mild, creamy mustard, blended with just a bit of olive oil, was all the rage in France.

Specialty Salts

If you think salts have already had their day, think again. At just about every corner, there was a salt stand — probably one hawking pink Himalayan sea salt at that. Rose — another big trend spotted at the expo — was even infused into one line of savory sea salts.

Wine Wafers

Wine wafers win the "most unexpected trend of the show" award. These are wafers to dip into wine, or enjoy alongside a bottle of vino or bubbly. Some brands, like Cookies & Corks [3], weren't so bad, but others reminded us of communion.

Cheese Dips and Spreads

Who doesn't love queso or cheese spread? The industry's finally caught on: Just about every salsa and dip company, from Desert Pepper [4] to Cabot [5], offered a spreadable cheese product or a cheese dip for crackers or corn chips.


There wasn't as large a showing of chocolate as there'd been in past shows. Cocoa, it appeared, had been replaced by caramel, the new kid in town. From Happy Goat's [6] Caramel Sauce to Das Caramelini French Salted Caramels [7], the chewy confection was a top hit. We spotted lots of chipotle caramels in particular.


We've long sung the praises of harissa [8], and it's finally about to hit the mainstream, thanks to a sudden interest in Moroccan and North African cuisine. One producer, Glop [9], was developing quick and smoky harissa sauces, while other frozen food distributors offered the likes of Moroccan Harissa Tomato and Bell Pepper Beef packs.

Fruit Purees

Maybe the baby food diet has caught on. Fruit — in pureed form — was marketed as an easy mixer for cocktails, macarons [10], ice cream, and other culinary applications.

Potato Chip Alternatives

One spinoff of the gluten-free trend was the fact that alternatives to potato chips — from lentil crackers to black bean chips — were at every turn.

Bacon in Everything

Contrary to popular belief, the bacon craze [11] has not yet been deterred by backlash. The smoky cured pork pleasure found its way into products from cheese spreads to lollipops to jams.

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