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8 Terrific Recipes From Tyler Florence

Sep 28 2011 - 4:13am

Without a doubt, Chef Tyler Florence is one of the coolest Food Network stars on the scene. There's something so tough and cool about Tyler, and it's coupled with that teddy-bear charm that's hard to resist! Best of all, his flavorful recipes stand up to the hype. Check out eight of the delicious recipes we've re-created and loved from Tyler's kitchen over the years.

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Steamed Artichokes

Steaming [2] is a simple, clean way to enjoy artichokes.

Spicy Chicken Broth

Chef Florence is one of the kings of elevated comfort food. Case in point: his spicy chicken broth [3] with avocado, lime, and cilantro.

Chicken Meatball and Pasta Soup

Chicken meatball and tortellini soup [4] is a filling and delicious soup for Fall weather.

Mother Hen Toast

This beautiful recipe for gallina de madre, or mother hen toast [5], is topped off with a decadent Manchego bechamel sauce.

Fish-Taco Bites

Fish-taco bite nachos [6] are almost too pretty to eat! (Almost.)

Nicoise Salad

Bring a bite of French countryside to your kitchen with Tyler's salade Ni├žoise [7].

Sweet Potatoes With Honey

These simple sweet potatoes with honey [8] let the key ingredients shine on their own.

Tomatillo Enchiladas

Looking for a great way to make the most of a roast chicken? Delicious tomatillo enchiladas [9] are a great option.

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