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22 Wild and Wacky Wedding Cakes on Flickr

Apr 25 2012 - 4:30am

Wedding [1] cakes come in all different shapes and sizes. Many are elegant and statuesque, while others are a bit more playful. We rounded up some of the most unique wedding [2] cakes that have caught our eye on Flickr. Click through and prepare for your jaws to drop.

A Stately Manor

We love the quirkiness of this cake in the shape of a stately chateau.

Source: Flickr User owlhere [3]

A Medieval Castle

The detail on this medieval castle cake is pretty extraordinary. We especially love the vines crawling up the wall.

Source: Flickr User A.M. Kuchling [4]

A Cupcake Party Tower

The cupcake tower is popular at weddings as an affordable and an easy DIY [5]. This one is brightly colored and great for a wild party.

Source: Flickr User stoneflower [6]

A Grand Gold Pyramid

It may not be traditional, but this golden pyramid cake is definitely extraordinary!

Source: Flickr User Fugue [7]

For the Love of Strawberries

While this may not be the traditional tower of cake and fondant, it looks unbelievably delicious.

Source: Flickr User yajico [8]

Woodland Wedding Cake

We love this uniquely decorated cake. The twigs and flowers give it a delicate look.

Source: Flickr User empracht [9]

Towering Layers

This cake setup is one of the most incredible and unique we've ever seen.

Source: Flickr User blmurch [10]

Hokie Pride

This completely edible Virginia Tech Hokie-themed cake is full of color and school pride.

Source: Flickr User joelogon [11]

Wish Upon a Star

How much energy and attention to detail do you think went into this incredible three-tiered, all-white cake?

Source: Flickr User diongillard [12]

Cake Lollipop Bouquet

Cake pops are all the rage, and this bouquet looks modern and sophisticated in a vase of cacao nibs.

Source: Flickr User cchen [13]

School Pride

This cake was divided in half with the happy couple's alma maters on either side.

Source: Flickr User derekskey [14]


Can you unscramble this Boggle cake puzzle?

Source: Flickr User janetmck [15]

Everybody Loves Scrabble

We're not sure if we want to eat this cake or play Scrabble on it.

Source: Flickr User janetmck [16]

Tower of Eggs

To be honest, we're not exactly sure what this cake is supposed to be, but we suddenly find ourselves craving scrambled eggs.

Source: Flickr User SkujaBraden [17]

Magnificent Steampunk

What quirky couple wouldn't want to cut into a steampunk cake?

Source: Flickr User BillGlover [18]

Chocolate Tree

We're still trying to figure out how exactly one would cut into this amazing wedding [19] cake.

Source: Flickr User wetwebwork [20]

Lighthouse of Fun

Nautical motif or fairy princess? We can't really tell, but this playful cake has got so much personality.

Source: Flickr User n.hewson [21]

The Simpsons

This cake would be perfect for any couple that is obsessed with The Simpsons.

Source: Flickr User Magsdewdrops' Creations [22]

Oh Snap!

This Canon EOS 7D cake looks incredibly realistic. What a fun way to incorporate your hobbies into your wedding [23]!

Source: Flickr User kabilen sornum [24]

Meet Me in St. Louis

This lucky groom got a completely edible cake inspired by his love of all things St. Louis.

Source: Flickr User sweetfacecakes [25]

World Travelers

We love this unique and intricate wedding [26] cake. It would be great for a couple who loves traveling together.

Source: Flickr User davitydave [27]


This wacky cake looks like it could be from Alice in Wonderland, doesn't it?

Source: Flickr User angel-cakes-rutland [28]

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