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Beyond Roasted Red Pepper: 6 New Takes on Hummus

May 14 2014 - 12:56pm

Whether it's the prequel to dinner or you have a hankering for a late-night snack, hummus really never lets us down. But let's be honest: this dip seems to appear everywhere in the same iterations, from roasted red pepper to garlic or sun-dried tomato. As much as we love it, we're ready for something new.

If you're on the same page with us about this, then look no further: we present you with six totally unconventional takes on hummus, including unusual combinations like coconut curry and jalapeño honey. Grab some pita chips and fresh veggies, and keep reading.

Source: Nancy Einhart, Lizzie Fuhr, A Cozy Kitchen [1], She Likes Food [2], How Sweet It Is [3]

Carrot Dill Hummus

You might have thought that carrots could only be used for dunking in hummus, but think again! This dill, carrot, and chickpea dip [4] is proof that carrots go hand in hand with hummus in more ways than one.

Source: She Likes Food [5]

Beet Hummus

For a dip with an earthier flavor and a vibrant pink hue, try blending in beets [6].

Source: A Cozy Kitchen [7]

Coconut Curry Hummus

This Thai twist on hummus [8] adds the perfect dose of sweet and spicy to our favorite appetizer option.

Photo: Lizzie Fuhr

Sriracha Hummus

We (and the rest of the world) can't get enough of sriracha, so we think this fiery hummus recipe [9] is a necessity.

Source: Little Leopard Book [10]

Jalapeño Honey Hummus

This impossibly creamy hummus [11] is honey sweet but not cloying thanks to a good dose of jalapeño, which balances it out with a nice kick.

Source: How Sweet It Is [12]

Edamame Hummus

For a fresh, green take on the Middle Eastern staple, incorporate soybeans and peas into edamame hummus [13].

Photo: Nancy Einhart

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