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5 Fresh Valentine's Day Dinner Ideas

Feb 5 2013 - 12:30pm

Wondering how to celebrate Valentine's Day? If you're feeling stumped or you're tired of the standard fancy-dinner routine, get creative and mix it up with a meal that steps outside your typical date pattern. Here are five great ways to get romantic for the heart-filled holiday, from a cozy indoor picnic to an anti-Valentine's Day dinner spread.

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An Indoor Picnic

Keep things casual and cozy with a sweet indoor picnic date [2]. Turn on your favorite romantic film and enjoy simple floor-friendly dishes like salad skewers and fondue.

A Global Spread

Feeling indecisive? Serve a little bit of everything by cooking up an ethnic dinner menu [3] that features dishes from all over the world. You'll satisfy both your sweetie and your taste buds.

A Feast of French Eats

Pretend you're in Paris with a delicious French feast for two [4]. With a table full of ratatouille, crepes, and macarons, you'll have no problem channeling your inner French girl and stepping up the romance.

An Anti-Valentine's Day Dinner

Even if you're not the type to rock red and pink on Valentine's Day, you can still find a way to celebrate that's perfect for you. Host an anti-Valentine's Day party [5] for your friends and indulge in the heavy, messy foods you'd usually avoid on a romantic date.

All-Out Romance

If you'd rather stick to the romance basics, set the mood with soft music and a classy, traditional Valentine's Day meal [6]. Stick with standard upscale date dishes like oysters, steak, and creamy panna cotta for a feast that's sure to make you swoon.

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