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9 Fabulous Ways to Put Leftover Peeps to Good Use

Apr 21 2014 - 4:25am

Let's face it: it's easy to get carried away and snap up package after package of adorable marshmallow Peeps [1]. The good news? People love to make creative things with them as much as they enjoy eating them. We've searched the web for the cutest ways to play with Peeps and rounded them up here. From Peepshi (Peeps dessert sushi) to Peeps s'mores, keep reading to see the most interesting ways to use up this Easter sweet.

— Additional reporting by Camilla Salem

Source: Love From the Oven [2], Not Your Momma's Cookie [3], Live Love Pasta [4], and Serious Eats [5]

Bunny Pops

Peeps get an easy upgrade when dipped in chocolate and decorated with pretty sprinkles [6]. Skewering the Peeps on a stick not only adds visual appeal, but also makes them easier to decorate and eat.

Source: Love From the Oven [7]

Peeps S'mores

S'mores become even more fun [8] when a brightly colored Peep is used in place of a plain-Jane marshmallow.

Source: Live Love Pasta [9]

Dessert Peep-za

Peeps on a pizza? The idea might sound crazy — that is, until you realize that this is no ordinary pizza [10]: the crust is made of sugar cookie dough, and the sauce is chocolate ganache.

Source: CookingChannel.com [11]

Peeps Rice Krispies Treats Pops

Double up on the marshmallow fun by decorating Rice Krispies treats [12] with an adorable Peeps bunny.

Source: Food Family & Finds [13]


In this sweet take on sushi [14], Rice Krispies treats stand in for the traditional sushi rice. Genius!

Source: Serious Eats [15]

Magician's Hat Marshmallow Bites

These magician's hat marshmallow bites [16] would be perfect for a magic-themed party.

Source: Not Your Momma's Cookie [17]

Cupcake Push-Pop Peeps

Cupcake push-pop Peeps? It doesn't get more festive than these individual, fun-to-eat treats [18].

Source: Love From the Oven [19]

Peeps Krispies Treats

How delightful are these pastel-colored Peeps Rice Krispies treats [20]? Bonus: they're simple enough to make that they'd be a great activity for kids.

Source: Serious Eats [21]

Peeps Fluffernutter Sandwich

Channel childhood with this easy upgrade to a Fluffernutter sammie. Here, Peeps are paired with peanut butter in lieu of marshmallow fluff for an Easter-appropriate spin on the classic.

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