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Ways to Use Up Leftover Hamburger and Hot Dog Buns

Buns Aplenty: How to Use Up Those Pesky Hamburger and Hot Dog Buns

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Those darn leftover hamburger and hot dog buns! After every grilling party, it seems like they're fated to be tossed in the corner of the pantry only to be discovered several weeks later as a gnarly, green science experiment. Don't let this happen to your stash. While you can always freeze them for the next grilling party, it might not be an option if the buns are crushed and misshapen. If you're looking for ways to waste not, check out our tips for using up those leftover buns.

Sub For Breakfast Toast

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Toast the buns for an egg, cheese, and bacon sandwich or to make kid-approved cinnamon toast. If you want to get fancy, use a hamburger bun in place of an English muffin in a poached egg and prosciutto breakfast sammy.

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Go the Deli or Panini Route

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Cold cuts and sloppy joes taste great paired with soft, spongy buns. However, if the buns were left out and are borderline stale, grill them up in a panini. Opt for something savory like cheese and ham, or satisfy your sweet tooth with Nutella and strawberries. Everything always tastes better with cheese, so try making the ultimate grilled cheese sandwich.

Skip the Meat For Seafood

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Don't think you can look at another hot dog or brat ever again? Take things a different direction by brushing hot dog buns with butter, heating them over the stovetop until golden brown, then stuffing them with lobster salad or buttered lump crab meat. Alternatively, fill burger buns with poached shrimp, avocado, lettuce, and aioli for a new take on a shrimp sandwich.

Incorporate With Dinner

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Make basic croutons to toss in salads or breadcrumbs to top over mac and cheese and casseroles. For a surefire way to clear those buns off the table, make a batch of garlic bread.

Got any other suggestions for what to do with leftover hot dog and hamburger buns? Feel free to share 'em with us below.

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