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27 Wedding Cake Toppers From Etsy

May 6 2013 - 4:25am

A cake topper is a great place to get a little bit playful when planning a wedding [1]. We scoured the pages of Etsy and handpicked 27 of our favorite finds, from classically beautiful to some very unique options (fiddlehead fern cake topper, anyone?). Click through for some wedding cake inspiration!

For the Crafters

This crocheted bird couple [2] ($42) adds a playful, homemade touch to your wedding [3] cake.

For the Lovers of Cuteness

It doesn't get much more adorable than hedgehog cake toppers [4] ($70), does it?

For the Lovers of Sculpture

Stick this miniature version of the famous Robert Indiana LOVE sculpture [5] ($130) right on your wedding [6] cake!

For the Lovebirds

These handmade, rustic lovebirds [7] ($36) will add to the sweetness of your wedding [8] day.

For the Shabby-Chic Couple

Keep it rustic and simple with this heartwarming cake topper [9] ($26).

For You and Your Matching Puzzle Piece

This puzzle piece cake topper [10] ($75) is whimsical and functional. The two pieces can be used as salt and pepper shakers to remind you of your special day for years to come.

For the Typography-Obsessed

We fully appreciate this modern, type-heavy cake topper [11] ($55). The best part? It can be fully customized to match your wedding [12] colors.

For the Classic Couple

It can't be denied that this edible peony [13] ($50) makes a stunning and classic cake topper.

For the Foxy Couple

These adorable foxes [14] ($130) are a whimsical and playful addition to a wedding [15] cake.

For the Nautical Duo

Bring a little bit of the ocean to your wedding [16] in the form of this sweet crocheted fish couple [17] ($40).

For the Dog Lovers

Don't leave the puppy out of the loop! We love these custom painted wooden peg doll cake toppers with their beloved pup [18] ($69).

For the Quirky Couple

Gnomes are quirky and totally cute. We can't get enough of these handmade cake toppers [19] ($150).

For the Gourmet Couple

It should come as no surprise that we are in love with these fiddlehead fern cake toppers [20] ($45), and as a result, we are officially craving this salad [21].

For the Exotic-Bird-Watching Couple

A colorful and playful flamingo cake topper [22] ($30) will elicit a bunch of smiles on your wedding [23] day.

For the Couple That Loves the Outdoors

This simple, rustic twig cake topper [24] ($22) brings a little bit of the outdoors to your wedding [25] day.

For the Llama Lovers

But really, who wouldn't want an adorable llama couple [26] ($85) on top of their wedding [27] cake?

For the Winter Wedding

Pinecone cake toppers [28] ($40) are a seasonal and romantic way to decorate a Winter wedding [29] cake.

For the Eccentric Pair

Let your cake topper be as eccentric and unique as you are! These customizable red mushrooms [30] ($45) are absolutely endearing.

For the Couple That Likes to Keep Things Simple

This simple, uncomplicated topper [31] ($27) is unique and playful and leaves you with an awesome lasting memento.

For the Bride Who Loves Gerbera Daisies

These brightly colored Gerbera daisy cake toppers [32] ($40) are so realistic and happy!

For the Perfect Pair

These fun pear cake toppers [33] ($45) look good enough to eat!

For the Trendy Twosome

There's no doubt about it: succulents [34] ($25) are right on trend this year. So why not top your wedding [35] cake with them?

For the Tongue-in-Cheek Couple

We can't help but giggle at this playful cake topper [36] ($27) that really speaks for itself.

For the Pair That Likes to Kick Back and Relax

What better way to show off your affinity for recreation and relaxation than with some colorful Adirondack chairs [37] ($35)?

For the Couple With a Flair For the Dramatic

This pretty peacock cake topper [38] ($85) has quite an attitude. We love the dramatic tail feathers swooping down!

For the Couple That Loves Photo Booths

These fun cake toppers [39] ($15) can also double as photo booth props later in the night!

For the Musically Inclined

Rock out . . . on top of your wedding [40] cake with a fun, musically inspired cake topper [41] ($230).

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