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Behold: Your Thanksgiving Cooking Experience in GIFs

Nov 27 2014 - 3:15am

The good, the bad, and the yummy. That's probably an accurate description of cooking on Thanksgiving, right? The highs and lows are sometimes too much to take when you're in the kitchen for hours on end, but somehow it always turns out better than you thought. To mentally prepare for this year's extravaganza, have a laugh with these telling GIFs you can't help but relate to.

You Get Pumped Just Thinking About All the New Dishes You're Going to Cook

Source: Pixar [1]

But Quickly Get Sucked Into a Pinterest/Recipe Black Hole

Source: CBS [2]

When Thanksgiving Morning Arrives, You've Got Your Special Playlist Ready

Source: CBS [3]

Your Mantra of the Day: What Would Julia Do?

Source: Sony [4]

Of Course, Not Everything Goes as Planned

There Are Even a Couple of Major Setbacks

Source: Twentieth Century Fox [5]

But You Power Through Like the Top Chef That You Are

Source: Disney [6]

Before You Know It, the Guests Start Arriving

Source: NBC [7]

And You Freak Out Because You're Not Quite Ready Yet

Source: Nickelodeon [8]

The Adults Can't Stop Talking About How Excited They Are

Source: ABC [9]

So You Put Them in Their Place

Source: NBC [10]

The Kids Are Just as Bad and Hungry

Source: Fox [11]

So You Put Them in Their Place, Too

Source: Disney [12]

FINALLY, Dinner Is Served

Source: The Weinstein Company [13]

Not a Second Later, the Crowd Goes Wild

Source: Warner Bros [14]

You, on the Other Hand, Don't Have Time to Eat Because You're Worried About Dessert

Source: Disney [15]

So You Drink Instead

Source: Fox [16]

Guests Eventually Leave, but the Work Isn't Over

Source: Screen Australia [17]

Tired, All You Want Is a Slice of Pie, but It's All Gone

Source: Warner Bros [18]

Then You Remember How Much Everyone Loved the Food — Victory Is Yours

Source: NBC [19]

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