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A Seasonal Eater's Guide to Spring Produce

Mar 19 2014 - 5:20pm

We love a zingy citrus and brussels sprouts salad [1] as much as the next person, but as Wintery weather drags on, all those leafy greens and root vegetables can get a little dull — so we welcome verdant Spring produce with open farmers market totes. With that in mind, we've compiled a handy guide to what fruits and vegetables we can all look forward to devouring this coming season, from peppery radishes to exotic cherimoyas, and loads in between.


Artichokes [2] are at their peak from March until June, with petite baby artichokes [3] available for a slightly truncated season: March through May.

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Asparagus [5] is at its snappiest from March till May.

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Cardoons [7], an Italian staple, are available in Winter, Spring, and early Summer.

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The exotic cherimoya [9] can be found from January to May in a good year.

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Chervil [11] is at its peak in Spring.

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Fava Beans

Fava bean [13] harvest signifies the transition from Spring to Summer, as fava beans are typically available April through July.

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Fiddlehead Ferns

Fiddlehead fern [15] season typically only lasts for a few short weeks in May.

Source: Flickr user GlennFleishman [16]

Garlic Scapes

Garlic scapes [17] — the flowering stalks of still-developing garlic bulbs — are typically available for a few weeks sometime between late May and early July.

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Leeks [19] are generally available year-round, with their peak during the Spring season.


While mangoes [20] don't typically grow in the US, their peak season runs from April through June in the equatorial climes where they're harvested.

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Morel Mushrooms

The prized morel mushroom [22] is typically foraged (and therefore available fresh) during the Spring months; throughout the rest of the year, try dried morels.

Source: Flickr user camophoto [23]


Stinging nettles [24] are available in markets January through July.


English peas [25] — also known as shell peas and garden peas — enjoy a short-lived season during late Spring and early Summer and are at their best in May.

Pea Shoots

Tender pea shoots and tendrils [26] are typically available January through May.


Purslane [27] is typically available from April through December.


Although radishes [28] are available year-round, it's during Spring and Summer months when one can truly appreciate them for their crisp texture and spicy, juicy bite.

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Ramps [30] are wild onions that have a limited season of about six weeks beginning in April.

Source: Flickr user kthread [31]


Actually a vegetable rather than a fruit, rhubarb [32] is at its peak from April to June, though it is often available slightly later into the Summer season.

Spring Onions

Spring onions [33] are simply young onions that have been pulled before they develop into conventional onions, and they are available — you guessed it — throughout the Spring season.


Strawberries [34] are at their sweetest from April to July, though they are available at farmers markets as early as March and as late as October.

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