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What's Worse: Food Coming Too Quickly or Too Slowly?

What's Worse: Food Coming Too Quickly or Too Slowly?

One of my restaurant pet peeves is when the food comes too quickly, in particular before the drinks have arrived. However, some people prefer it if the food comes too quickly rather than take forever. As long as I have a drink and the atmosphere and company are good, I'm OK with waiting for food. How about you? What do you think is worse?

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Skorpio Skorpio 6 years
I really dont like it when my food comes too quickly....I love to enjoy my drink, and chat with who ever I am with. Take in the scenery. I love the experience! It also can make me wonder about the quality of the food depending.
saucyfilipina saucyfilipina 6 years
Definitely too slowly. I get grumpy! haha. -Nicole
amber512 amber512 6 years
Oh my gosh, I got SOOOO irritated one night when a server did that to me. I was chewing my food so I couldn't even do anything but gesture as my plate of food was quickly swiped and carried away!
xxstardust xxstardust 6 years
I really dislike when the food comes too fast, especially if you've ordered something like an appetizer or the meal has multiple courses. The LIB and I went to Olive Garden last weekend, since someone had given me a gift card over the holidays. I understand that on a (very) busy Friday night, they do want to turn tables over fairly quickly. But our soup came out LITERALLY 5 minutes after our appetizer, and our food before I was done with my soup. It really felt like they were trying to push us out the door to cram more people in, and it did put a damper on the night out. I want to ENJOY my appetizer and my soup, not shovel it down before the entree comes out.
Rosay77 Rosay77 6 years
I only don't like when the food comes to quickly because it might not be fully cooked. I once ate not fully cooked chicken and got terrible food poisoning.
amber512 amber512 6 years
Besides, once the food arrives you can take as long as you want, with no anxious waiting for anything. :)
amber512 amber512 6 years
To me, the food can never come too quickly! One of my favorite restaurants is really good about this. They bring the chips and salsa, my husband and I order and the food is out before we have barely dug in. Really helps us not overdo it on the chips!!
Kristen-Hawley Kristen-Hawley 6 years
I agree! I can't handle it when the food comes too quickly -- and if it's before the drinks, that's even worse.
Becky-Kirsch Becky-Kirsch 6 years
It can be annoying when restaurants take too long with the first course, but generally I think I'm with you Katie. I hate when I'm trying to have a night out and I feel like I'm being rushed out the door — plus, I always like some time to digest a little and actually look forward to the next course.
onlysourcherry onlysourcherry 6 years
I don't go out to restaurants too often, so when I do it's either a date night or a girls date night. So in both of those situations I hate it when they bring us everything so quickly and we have to wrap everything up in half an hour or so!
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