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What Would You Make?

Here's the scenario: you are at home and hungry for food. You have to cook up something scrumptious for you and your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse/child/friend, but the ingredients you have on hand are limited.

You have canned black beans, frozen corn, and gouda cheese. Using these products, along with whatever you currently have on hand in your cupboard and refrigerator, what would you make?

To see what I would whip up,

  1. I would start by making a black bean and corn salsa. I would add a little chopped garlic and minced onion.
  2. I would spread some of the salsa onto a flour tortilla. Then I would cover this with grated gouda cheese and another tortilla. Next I would cook, slowly over low heat to ensure even cooking on the stove.
  3. Finally, I would slice it into wedges and serve with jarred tomato salsa for dipping. Instant quesadillas!

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tee0206 tee0206 9 years
I would make tortilla soup. Throw the beans, corn, a can or so of chicken broth, and a jar of salsa into a pot and cook. Then I'd put crushed tortilla chips in the bottom of a couple of bowls, ladle the soup on top, top with cheese, and serve.
drinkerofh2o drinkerofh2o 9 years
Mm I could definitely go for a southwestern quiche! Eggs, pie crust, canned olives and salsa!
Food Food 9 years
I usually have tuna in the pantry, so I would probably whip up some fusili or other shaped pasta, and then mix the pasta, tuna, corn (cooked), black beans (drained), tomatoes (there's usually some around here to), garlic and some finely sliced onions, all together and create a quick pasta salad. Splash on some red wine vinegar and grate some cheese on top and call it dinner (and probably lunch for tomorrow too).
emmyotter emmyotter 9 years
all these sound so good... never have i been so interested in a can of beans
CandiFish CandiFish 9 years
I would use some rice and chicken broth to make a cheesy corn and black bean risotto.
eastcoastgirl eastcoastgirl 9 years
Add cheese the last 5 minutes,I forgot the cheese.
eastcoastgirl eastcoastgirl 9 years
Black beans ,yellow rice,cornbeef in a can,corn, tomato paste some waterand hotsauce on top of the stove.
emalove emalove 9 years
I would make that stuffed acorn squash dish that was posted on Yum a couple of months ago. It was sooo good. I'd add some chicken sausage and spices...
LaurenG22 LaurenG22 9 years
Mayor, you can cook some of that for me today for lunch!
misslilad misslilad 9 years
I would make a one-dish black beans pot adding the corn, plus chopped onion and tomatoes (always have those in my fridge. I would serve it over yellow rice and then shred the gouda on top. This is actually already a staple in my house (without the cheese) and adding jalepenos and possibly a spoonful of plain yogurt.
aimeeb aimeeb 9 years
Mayor-I'll have some of that. ;)
MayorMolly MayorMolly 9 years
I would probably make a grilled cheese sandwich with the cheese and bean and corn salsa to spice it up to put on the side!
MissEnglish07 MissEnglish07 9 years
I would make black beans and rice, and add the corn. (I always have rice in the house.) The Gouda cheese would be shredded and sprinkled on top, and I would add some pepper flakes and hot sauce. (I never have a lot of food in the house and I tend to go very basic when inventing... )
chakra_healer chakra_healer 9 years
Black bean salad with corn? I would dice and add any other veggies in the fridge like onions, celery, carrots, avocado, maybe a tomato and throw it all in. I usually have wraps and tortillas in the fridge too, so maybe a quesadilla with the gouda, add chiles and finally use some oil packed roasted red peppers I haven't touched.
femmefatale femmefatale 9 years
I would probably make a wrap. I'd grill some chicken on my Foreman grill. I would whip up a little yellow rice (Goya of course) I'd spice up the beans by adding some garlic, adobo, a bay leaf and some red chili flakes I would then take a flour tortilla, add the gouda cheese, the rice grilled chicken, the corn, and the black beans. Voila'!
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