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10 Reasons Food Is the Best Thing Ever

Nov 28 2013 - 5:30am

If you're anything like us, your entire day revolves around one thing and one thing only: food. It's the start to your day, the welcome break at work, and the cap to a great evening. So if there's anything to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, it's the snacks, the sweets, and everything in between. Ahead, we're breaking down why we're grateful for the food that sustains us — in GIFs, of course.

Because Food Will Never Ever Judge You

Source: NBC [1]

Because It Gives You Something to Talk About When It Gets Awkward

Source: Nickelodeon [2]

Because It Tastes Good Morning, Day, or Night

Source: Disney [3]

Because Bacon

Source: Fox [4]

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Because There Are So. Many. Options

Source: Fox [5]

Because It's the Answer to Every Single One of Life's Problems

Source: NBC [6]

Because Food Will Never Break Your Heart

Source: Columbia Pictures [7]

Because You Can Cap Off Food With More Food

Source: NBC [8]

Because There's Nothing Better Than Satisfying a Craving. Nothing

Source: NBC [9]

Because You'll Always Remember How Good That Last Slice of Pie Tasted

Source: The CW [10]

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