When I opened my fridge the other day and saw fig preserves and almond butter, I thought, "that's like the Mediterranean equivalent of peanut butter and jelly!" Remembering that I also had a block of feta cheese, I took that glimmer of an idea and came up with something weirder: a Mediterranean-inspired marriage of a PB&J and a grilled cheese. I spread the fig jelly and almond butter on apple-walnut bread (though any sweet bread, such as cinnamon raisin, would do). Then, I added some crumbled feta and grilled it in a skillet coated with olive oil. I figured the flavor combination would either be totally gross or totally good, and thankfully, it was the latter. This 'Wich of the Week is at once creamy, nutty, salty, and sweet. If that sounds like your sort of sandwich, check out the recipe and more photos when you