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Wines We Tried (and Loved!) This Week

Mar 9 2012 - 1:15pm

In some ways, sipping the world's wines can be a hopeless endeavor; there's so much wine out there that we could sample wine all day long and still get nowhere near tasting everything. That doesn't mean we won't try! From an Israeli white to sweet Argentinian red wine blend, here are some memorable wines we quaffed this week, as well as reasons why we loved them.

2011 Dulce Tinto Sweet Red

"Have you ever been so mystified by a wine that it's compelled you to purchase a bottle? That's what happened when I stumbled upon this sweet red at my local Whole Foods. No amount of label deciphering allayed my curiosity, so I buckled and bought a bottle for a very reasonable $11.

I studied up and learned that this blend [1], which originates from Argentina's Mendoza region, is a combination of Sangiovese and Bonarda grapes. At first taste, the wine was every bit as intriguing inside the bottle as it was from the outside. It had a cherry-berry nose and noticeable structure that was followed by a lingering sweetness." — Susannah Chen, editor

Photo: Camilla Salem

2011 Golan Heights Winery Yarden Mount Hermon White

"A sunny afternoon in San Francisco called for a refreshing glass of white wine, and that's just what I got when I tried this $13 Golan Heights Winery white wine [2]. This wine is produced in the Galilee region of Northern Israel, where the story of Jesus turning water into wine is thought to have originated. Perhaps it was the romance of that story that drew me in, but the bright citrus flavors and drinkability of this wine kept me sipping." — Camilla Salem, assistant editor

2010 Apothic Red Winemaker's Blend

"A friend recently shared this wine ($10-14) as the best budget red he's ever tasted, and I found it hard to argue. With berry and cherry flavors balanced by autumnal vanilla, brown sugar, and spice, this very drinkable blend of zinfandel, Syrah, cabernet sauvignon, and merlot has a bit of jammy sweetness but will appeal to fans of Syrahs and zins in particular." — Nancy Einhart, executive editor

2010 Zios Albariño

"It's hard for this wine's colorful label not to be its first draw — but upon second glance, it's worth tasting, too. Zios Albariño hails from the Rías Baixas region of Spain, a denomination of origin in Galicia that's specifically known for albariño. But unlike Portuguese albariños, this one's bolder on the tongue, with a bracing acidity and a touch of effervescence. It finishes with notes of ripe bananas and papayas." — Susannah Chen, editor

2008 CalNaturale Cabernet Sauvignon

"I purchased this $7 box of wine [3] mostly because the label at the store described it as having notes of bacon. Can you blame me for being intrigued? While I'm not entirely sure I picked up on those notes, I did thoroughly enjoy this medium-bodied cab made from organic grapes. I especially appreciate the convenient, eco-friendly packaging and the smaller volume than a normal bottle, making it a great option for hikes and picnics." — Camilla Salem, assistant editor

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