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Vinous Gifts For the Wine-Loving Mom

May 6 2013 - 11:34am

Still stumped on what to get mom for Mother's Day [1]? If she's a wine lover — and really, who isn't? — show her how much you care by indulging her enological tendencies. Read on for five ideas.

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Skybar Wine Chill Drops

If all mom wants at the end of a long day is a cool glass of Chardonnay, make sure she never has to wait for a bottle to chill again. She can keep these Skybar Wine Chill Drops [3] ($60 for two) in the freezer, pull one out when she opens a bottle of room-temp white or sparkling wine, and have a perfectly chilled glass in minutes.

Wine Subscription

What better way to show your appreciation for dear old mom than by having bottles of wine delivered to her doorstep each month? Give her a wine club subscription to her favorite winery, or if she wants to branch out, try a subscription to the Wine Garage [4]. The Calistoga, CA-based club will send a selection of new wines to try several times a year, each for less than $25 a bottle.

Vinturi Wine Aerator

If your mom is a true oenophile, she may be familiar with the Vinturi, the popular wine aerator that's been springing up in kitchen stores all over. She may also be familiar with the spilling and dripping that's often a side effect of using the Vinturi. Set her up with a stain-free vino experience with the Vinturi Wine Aerator Tower Gift Set [5] ($70), which contains both the aerator itself and a stand to hold it in place while she pours.

Sempli Cupa Wineglasses

Tall, delicate wineglasses sometimes feel out of place on the porch during sunny Spring days. Give mom a set of these pretty, feminine Sempli Cupa Wineglasses [6] ($52) to add a little Italian flair to her next alfresco meal.

Ice Bottle Chiller Mold

The Williams Sonoma Ice Bottle Chiller Mold [7] ($30) is a dramatic and eye-catching way to cool wine. Mom will love freezing these cylindrical ice sculptures for parties and special gatherings.

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