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WineRack and BeerBelly: Love It or Hate It?

A few months ago, I encountered a product called The Beer Belly ($34.95). It's a liquid container that you strap on around your waist, allowing you to smuggle beverages into places. Think of it as a CamelBak for your front side. The concept is moderately funny, and it does resemble a beer belly when attached. Recently, the company behind BeerBelly put a new product on the market called The WineRack ($29.95). It's the same concept, only this time you strap it around your chest. A bit on the offensive side, but still sort of funny. While these products might save money on beers at the ball park, I can't imagine actually using one, they're just too tacky. What do you guys think? Are they making their way onto your wish list?

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