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10 Recipes to Get You Excited For Winter

Dec 26 2012 - 4:29pm

You may not have thought the coldest season of the year is something to look forward to, but we're here to prove you wrong: Winter offers some of the year's most rewarding dishes. From oven-baked cioppino to chicken pot pie, here are a few standout dishes we're truly looking forward to making.

Oven-Baked Cioppino

Take advantage of the short window that is dungeness crab season [1] to make an oven-baked cioppino [2] that's perfect for holiday entertaining. Scared of making crustaceans on your own [3]? Check out our ultimate guide to buying seafood [4] first.

Gorgonzola-Apple Mac and Cheese

Blue cheese has a creamy texture and sweet, ripe flavor profile that works best during cold-weather months. Enjoy it as the star of a gorgonzola and apple mac and cheese [5].

Roasted Root Vegetable Pasta

Chilly climes bring root vegetables like parsnips and yams, which, when tender, add earthiness to a roasted root vegetable pasta [6].

Radicchio Soup

Take advantage of chicories like radicchio that come out of the woodwork in Winter to shine in dishes like this radicchio and potato soup [7].

Seared Scallops in White Wine Butter Sauce

Diver scallops, seared and served alongside a white wine butter sauce [8], make for an indulgent Winter meal.

Chicken Pot Pie

In Jamie Oliver [9]'s version of pot pie [10], all-butter puff pastry envelops chicken, scallions, and button mushrooms (all held together with a thyme cream sauce).

Baked Potato Soup

Skip the oven-roasted spuds in favor of a baked potato soup [11] that offers the same flavor in a velvety emulsion.

Smoky Roasted Cauliflower

Cauliflower is at its peak in Winter; enhance the vegetable's natural state by roasting it with pimentón [12] until caramelized and smoky.

Roasted Chestnuts

Re-create the smell of roasted chestnuts on the street with a homemade recipe for the classic Christmas nut [13].

Butternut Squash and Brie Pizza

Just because tomatoes and basil are Summer ingredients doesn't mean you can't have pizza in Winter. Top your seasonal pie with butternut squash and brie [14] instead.

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