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Fill Your House With the Smell of Chocolate

Feb 27 2008 - 8:13am

Everyone knows that candles can really set the mood [1] of a party. So what sort of mood would a chocolate candle send? If you want to find out then, check out one of these yummy-smelling chocolate candles. Just click the "Start Slideshow" button below!

Thymes Au Chocolat Candle

The Au Chocolat Latte Aromatic Candle [2] ($25) blends the smell of espresso with chocolate and vanilla.

100 Chocolate Candles

Planning a big event? Stock up with 100 Chocolate Candles [3] ($39.99).

Aunt Sadie's Chocolate Candle

Aunt Sadie [4] ($16) thought chocolate was spiritually divine. Just be sure you don't try and eat this candle!

Votivo Chocolate Delirium Candle

This chocolate candle by Votivo [5] ($25) has a 50 hour burn time, and will transform your home into a chocolate factory.

Death by Chocolate Candle

This hand-poured Death by Chocolate candle [6] ($11.95) layers chocolate kisses, hot chocolate and hot fudge scents.

Chocolate Truffle Candle

This Laura Mercier Chocolate Truffle Candle [7] ($42) is ozone friendly, and blends chocolate with vanilla, sweet maple and honey.

Hershey's Syrup Candle

Finally, don't miss out on this Hershey's Syrup Candle [8] ($10.98). All the aroma of chocolate, but zero the calories!

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