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Yummy Links - From Date Bars to Coffee

  • Have you seen these date bars? Reporter Sadie Stein goes on a hunt to figure out where they come from. - Serious Eats

  • If my earlier post about pho made you want to learn more, check out this site dedicated to the Vietnamese soup. - Pho-king
  • Chowhound is a forum for people to talk about food and dining, but it turns out that sometimes those posts get deleted. The folks at Eater are doing their best to publish banned posts, including bad restaurant reviews. - Eater
  • If all microwaved cakes taste as awesome as this one looks, I might be okay with the whole idea. (and fyi pudding is synonymous for dessert)- The Passionate Cook
  • How is it that I've never had a pork burger before? I'm going to have to remedy that soon. - Simply Recipes
  • Apparently the folks at Consumer Reports have found that the coffee at McDonald's is better than the coffee at Starbucks. - Single Serve Espresso
  • Man, I thought I could eat... check out this 95 pound lady eat 20 pounds in one sitting - GiggleSugar
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