Yummy Links!

  • An amazingly creative "Ot-Ot" soup (carrots and pluots). I hope it tastes as devine as her photo of it looks. - Becks & Posh
  • Got Pot? Milk made from hemp seeds will hit the stores in Canada early this year. - Slashfood

  • Prepackaged shots of vanilla vodka mixed with schnapps, seem too dangerous for me. - Liquor Snob
  • There's just something fantastic about soft boiled eggs, but if you don't have an egg cup, they're nearly impossible to eat. I think I'm going to have to run out and buy these guys. - Kitchen Contraptions
  • Coffee with a kick! Meth Coffee just launched, it's a super caffeinated brew, containing Yerba Mate (an herb loaded with caffeine). - Single Serve Espresso

  • I love a great tomato sauce. This one for a Basic Tomato Sauce looks absolutely gorgeous. Elise's gorgeous photo says it all. - Simply Recipes