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clickmichelle clickmichelle 8 years
I don't think Starbucks is snobby coffee, any more than I think drinking a beer other than Bud or Miller is snobby. It's a matter of taste and I like what I like. And I really don't care for Folger's or Maxwell House. And ye gods, yes, you should but on something appropriate to go have dinner. Fancy restaurant means wear something festive. Jeans can be dressy but for goodness sake, leave the sweatpants and hoodie in the hamper.
Francoisehardly Francoisehardly 8 years
I don't really consider Starbucks snobby coffee. It's too common for me to consider it that. And I do think that people should dress nicely to go to an upscale place. Why would you go out to a place like that dressed like a slob? Actually I wished people dressed better in general. I don't like this cultural trend of dressing down so often. I want to be a little more dressed up more often but I feel too awkward about it with people dressed in "regular" clothes, even though I really shouldn't care.
MsMO MsMO 8 years
*Starbucks issue* - I'm not sure why people see where you get your coffee as status. If my town had a few more drive up windows to get coffee I wouldn't care what brand it was, some of the best are mom and pop owned however Starbucks is what we have. As long as it's good I'm drinking it. *Dress for dining issue* Yes please dress a little better than if you were just running into Taco Bell. I'll even change a little for something like Olive Garden and they are relaxed. That's how I was raised though.
sonnabobble sonnabobble 8 years
sonnabobble sonnabobble 8 years
micky d's has pretty good coffe. i also heard they're suppose to launce McCafe's that are a reg. mcdonald's on one side and more upscale coffee/cafe on the other....sorta like a panera on one side. i think they already have 1 or 2 in canada?!
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