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Palate Cleanser

We ate cheese for 20 minutes straight with no liquids, and everything started to taste the same. Had we come across SanTásti, a palate-cleansing flavorless beverage that has a texture of thick water, earlier in the day, we would have been much better tasters! This clever water hopes to become a wine tasting room fixture.

leilanic leilanic 5 years
@bluesarahlou, it sounds like you had our beverage at Harvest Moon while visiting Randy! He served you a test market flavor that we've discontinued (temporarily?), and we now offer Classic (flavorless) and Cucumber. You'll have to try out the new can order samples on our website! Glad to hear you liked it!
bluesarahlou bluesarahlou 5 years
I've seen it in a bunch of wineries. It kinda tastes like peppermint, but works surprisingly well. And I'd say it has the consistency of sparkling water more than "thick" water. :shrug:
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