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Thin Mints

The promise: "Dark chocolate cookie wafers and mint chocolate crème, topped with airy crisps and a rich, dark chocolatey coating!"

What our tasters thought: This was a definite favorite and was described as "heaven in a bar." Several thought the "crispy, light layers" make it feel "less indulgent." One taster remarked that the chocolate-mint flavor lets you "get your fix outside of Girl Scout Cookie Season." Another raved about the crispy cookie layers, "It's unexpectedly airy and refreshing." Several thought that the Crunch bar was more chocolatey and less sweet than the original cookie.

What we thought: The signature Thin Mint flavor is definitely there, but the creaminess in between the light, crispy wafers is unexpected — in a good way.

Tasters' rating average: 8.5/10

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