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Overall Thoughts

We absolutely adored Ben & Jerry's Blueberry Graham Cracker, which was the only frozen yogurt that truly tasted reminiscent of greek yogurt and was packed with authentic blueberry flavor. The graham cracker crumbles added just enough honey sweetness and crunchy contrast. However, it should be noted that it has twice as many calories as the other brands, so it isn't a low-cal option.

Adonia Mango was our favorite fruit-only flavor, because it was well balanced and had a great sweet yet tart flavor. For a low-cal, low-fat option, Adonia has some delicious fruity options.

Overall, the majority of the flavors were off-putting, mostly because they are marketed to be low-fat, low-calorie options. When it comes to taste only, we are more likely to go for soft-serve fro yo at the store or for smaller portions of real ice cream.