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Brining Spices

Instead of purchasing a bunch of expensive spices, save money and time with this mixture of brining spices ($18). Filled with aromatic seasonings such as dried apples, lemon peel, rosemary, and black pepper, this brine, when mixed with water, ensures a flavorful, moist turkey.

pywacket pywacket 8 years
After all, why pay less? We're not talking about rare truffles and baby eels. These are readily available (and inexpensive!) ingredients. One could use less than $5.00 worth of fresh oranges, apples, peppercorns, kosher salt, brown sugar (items most home cooks already have on hand), or you could spend $18.00 on a similar but decidedly less fresh mixture with a posh-looking Williams-Sonoma label on it. It's cute, I'll grant you that, but I'll take the fresh (and more economical) anytime.
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