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Cut in half and enjoy!

jossfan23 jossfan23 7 years
I'm agreeing with the previous poster - you forgot a layer of bread, the cheese and they are usually cut into triangles....
corcar86 corcar86 7 years
As a true Jersey girl I must admit I have never heard the term "NJ Sloppy Joe" because I grew up eating regular old SJ's with meat and sauce and all that good stuff, BUT I do love Reubens and most sandwhiches that resemble them also, My friend Sherilene and I used to order a simmilar combo to this at work, we had turkey, cole slaw, russian dressing, and cheese on white bread and we called them Freubens....fake reubens lol so yummy!
steen steen 7 years
That sounds more like a modified Reuben! Yum!
CoconutPie CoconutPie 7 years
Hmmm, that looks good! Give me one of those, some potato chips and a Diet Coke and I'd be a very happy woman! :)
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