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A Tried-and-Tested Salmon Recipe

Chili-Glazed Salmon With Bok Choy

Why this recipe works: This foolproof recipe brings pan-seared salmon, a restaurant favorite for its irresistible crust and rich flavor, home. We match it with an Asian-inspired glaze and bok choy for a complete meal, which we make using a single skillet. After whisking together our glaze, we brown the bok choy to deepen its flavor and add visual appeal, then set it aside and cook the salmon. Next the glaze goes into the pan and coats the fish. Returning the bok choy to the skillet after setting the fish aside to rest quickly cooks it through and coats it with the remaining sauce. If using farmed salmon, which is fattier than wild, you will likely have to discard excess rendered fat from the pan before making the sauce.

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