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Rachael's Favorites of the Evening

Though she was quick to say that there is no "best," Rachael did give away this much:

"Some of my favorites were the richer burgers like the Lillie's Q burger with pimento cheese and a Kool-Aid pickle. That was amazing. Shake Shack with the fried pickled shallots — so creative.

"Then you have a classic like Josh Capon [of Lure Fishbar], who is a four-time winner in New York. He always makes a classic burger. Bacon jam is like his secret ingredient, but basically it's like a straight-up soft bun. It's friendly and looks like a hamburger.

"Mike Symon has won three or four times here. He always does something with double meats, like tonight's Fat Doug burger with pastrami. Double meats are very popular. I don't think there's any one science to a burger."