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My Impressions

It smelled good. It looked good. But did it taste good? In my first bite, I nearly cracked a tooth from something mysteriously crunchy (err, overgrilled ramen?). Juxtapose that with something equally as bad: the gelatinous, dense ramen bun. I was so let down by the bun, but onto the meat. It was a perfect medium with excellent char on the outside and a sweet-savory shoyu sauce that I would have loved another spoonful of.

I would give kind Keizo some slack, but the guy is used to cooking in pop-up locations and roughing it in general — this isn't his first cross-country venture. Perhaps being short-staffed led to the burger bun's demise. Or maybe the culinary students struggled to sear the buns correctly. It could be that this burger is best in its full, juice-oozing form so that the ramen absorbs some of that liquid and loosens up a little.

I don't know. I can only attest that this Burger Bash attempt tasted "meh" compared to the 30 other patties I tried.