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One of Everything

Outside the Taco Bell, inviting wafts of Cinnabon floated in the air. Inside, it was completely empty. For being the nearest Taco Bell in the San Francisco Bay area, this surprised me. Where are all the die-hard fans? I approached the cashier and ordered one of every item on the menu. Despite this seeming excessive, the kind Taco Bell employee barely blinked an eye. Six food items and a coffee cost a grand total of $12.15 plus $1.09 in tax. You can feast like a king for pennies!

As I waited for my items, I attempted to sip on the coffee ($1.49). As a coffee drinker, I enjoy a McDonald's coffee once in a while and expected Taco Bell to follow suit. Like McDonald's, Taco Bell will ask how you take your coffee, with cream or sugar. I said no to both, but what a mistake that was! The coffee is boiling hot and smells burnt. And, sure enough, when it cooled to a drinkable temperature, it tasted like tar. I should have just gone for a 9 a.m. Coke. What was I thinking?!

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