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10 Things You Can Quit Cleaning

I had to stop when I saw this headline on iVillage: 10 things you can quit cleaning right now. After all, I love having a clean house, but I wouldn't mind being able to cut a few things out of my routine.

The list offers some great ideas, but I have mixed feelings about it. Many of the solutions are devoted to disposing of items — like shower-curtain liners — instead of cleaning them. I used to be a big fan of tossing versus washing, and I'm still very tempted by the idea. But then I feel guilty about creating more waste. Take a look at the list and tell me what you think when you

  1. Sneakers. Just buy dark-colored ones and wear them until they fall apart.
  2. Grill grate. When you're done grilling, leave the grill going. Close the cover over the grate and let any residue cook off for 15 minutes. Throw that wire brush away.
  3. Soccer balls. Everybody expects them to be marred and mud splotched. Think of it as a badge of honor.
  4. Shower curtain liner. They're cheap. Throw your mildewed liner out and buy a new one every six months.
  5. Pillow. A washed pillow takes hours to dry. Throw it out and buy a new one every six to eight months.
  6. Stove drip pans. Use your grungy ones for everyday cooking, and keep a shiny new set to use when guests come.
  7. Ventilation ducts. Despite the advertising, regular professional duct cleaning is unnecessary.
  8. Fireplace walls. Everybody expects a fireplace to have blackened walls. And you'll breathe even easier if you give up fires altogether.
  9. Waxing the car. The newer finishes are so tough that cars don't need it anymore.
  10. Making the bed. Give it up — doctor's orders.
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