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Adventures in Craigslisting (Chapter 3)

If you've been reading my other Adventures in Craigslisting posts, you'll know that I had arranged to buy a beautiful gem-in-the-rough table from Chris Howard. Chris, who specializes in furniture restoration, agreed to strip the table. I would then refinish it.

The day before I was supposed to pick up the table, I got a frantic email from Chris. He wrote,

Some jerk just stole the table!!!! My neighbor witnessed this guy on a bike with a trailer load it up and leave! Cops were called, took the report, and just left. I have furniture outside there all the time and nothing ever went missing. So sorry!!! Going to drive around and look for it now.

To find out what happened, just


Chris wrote me a second email shortly thereafter, saying

That was a unique table. I still can’t believe it. I’ve had $5000 items outside and nothing has ever happened. After the police left, I went to five antique stores to see if anyone tried selling it, but no luck. I got a lesson on the stolen furniture trade and who buys it. I’ll keep my eyes open. I might visit the Berkeley Flea market on Saturday to see if it’s there, and I also have the SHELL station [by his house] on the look out for the bicycle with yellow trailer. But I suspect it’s gone. Crime is getting bad around here.

Chris posted a "MISSING" ad on Craigslist, but in the meanwhile he wanted to give me my money back. I thought that seemed like a terribly unfair solution, given that he'd put so much work into the table. At the very least I wanted to use some of the money towards another piece of furniture that Chris owned.

To find out how this story resolved, tune in tomorrow!

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