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Inspired Headboard Alternatives

Aug 14 2014 - 3:40pm

Headboards can double as room anchors and style accessories for your bed, but they can also be pricey and a bit limiting. If you're looking to add a stylish focal point but don't want to commit to a headboard, consider one of these creative alternatives — many of which can be found around the house.

Source: Lonny Magazine [1]

Framed Wallpaper

If you've fallen head over heels for a certain wallpaper but don't want to splurge or commit to it being on your walls, try framing a single panel and using it as a headboard instead!

Source: Domino [2]

Old Windows

Bonus points if you score an arched pair. The more patina the better!

Source: Kara Rosenlund

Woven Curtain

Follow designer Amber Lewis [3]'s lead and hang a woven curtain. She found this gem at Urban Outfitters [4]!

Source: Amber Interiors [5]

Large-Scale Art

A huge piece of art can be just as striking as a stylish headboard. Try browsing this list of online resources for affordable art [6]!

Source: Domino [7]

Wall Mural

If you're feeling really artsy, try your hand at painting a landscape or abstract mural on your wall.

Source: Clayton Hauck [8]

Large-Scale Mirror

A really big mirror is the visual equivalent of knocking down a wall. It instantly expands and brightens a room — even one as dark as this.

Source: Patrick Cline for Lonny magazine [9]

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