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Ask Casa: A 74 Inch Sofa

Hi Casa,
I need one loveseat or sofa with arms that's no longer than 74 inches, upholstered in white/off-white/ivory, etc. I'm open to both traditional and modern designs, and I'd like one that doesn't take more than about a month to be delivered. Also, since it's a gift, I don't really have a budget, but try not to break the bank.
Any idea where I can find one?


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Hi Citygal229,
So it sounds like you're looking for a versatile, classic couch for a small apartment, huh? Although 72" wasn't the easiest number to deal with, I did manage to track down several options which should fit the bill. I found a mix of styles, ranging from very traditional to mid-century modern to boudoir glam. If the sofa is not shown in white or off-white, it can be ordered in the color of your choice. Check out this widget below to see what I turned up.

Happy sitting,


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