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Ask Casa: Affordable Patterned Curtains

Dear Casa,
I've been looking for some patterned or printed curtains that are reasonably priced, and I need some help. I love the Anthropologie ones, but they are too expensive. Do you have any ideas on where to look?

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Hi Bplane,
Your dilemma is a common one — Anthropologie is a wonderful source of inspiration, as well as credit card debt. Luckily, there are plenty of other drapery retailers that won't require you to sell your furniture to buy a new set of curtains. Since you haven't invited me to your home, I'm not sure what aesthetic you're going for, but I've rounded up a selection for you anyway. So, you'll have to do some of the legwork here, and choose what works best for you!

Hope that helps! And, Ikea is also a great source for affordable textiles, so be sure to check out that selection.

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