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Ask Casa: Brocade Home-Esque Linens?

Dear Casa,

I am very much into brocade, Victorian-inspired prints, and anything with a fleur-de-lys on it! I'm looking for a new duvet cover, and was wondering where good online stores would be to find these types of prints? I love pretty much everything at Brocade Home, that is exactly my style, however their bedding selection is quite small and nothing really strikes me. Any stores you could recommend similar to Brocade Home would be great!


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Dear Kalliefornia,

I did a little background research on Victorian patterns, and discovered that, as you might have guessed, floral patterns were popular in the Victorian era, as were lace details. In the early and middle years of the 19th century, rich colors and strong patterns were popular, though by the 1870s, lighter colors and more delicate patterns became popular.

There are actually a lot of choices for bedding that adapt this Victorian-inspired use of color and pattern, and I found pretty possibilities everywhere from Anthropologie to Pottery Barn. I rounded up a variety of choices for you, as well as some matching throw pillows to complete the look. I hope one of these strikes your fancy, and if your heart is set on a fleur-de-lys duvet cover, I found a lovely option in that pattern as well!


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