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Ask Casa: How to Decorate a Studio (Part 1)

Hey Casa,
I'm not sure if you ever did a post on how to decorate a studio, but I am moving into one early next month. It's about 400 square feet, I think. I want to make it cute but I'm on a very tight budget. Any advice you have is much appreciated!

To hear my suggestions, just

Hi LorenAshley,
Thanks for writing! I have lived in a studio before, and it's not such a hard-knock life after all. There are so many dual-purpose furnishings these days that really help to maximize your space. Once you've settled in, you'll realize that you can be comfortable without all of the big-space living amenities you're used to.

The Bed:
The first thing you must decide on is your bed. Do you want a twin bed or a full? Obviously, if you choose a twin bed it will offer more space for your living area. But, there are no wrong answers here. One option is to go with a murphy bed, which folds up at the head of the bed to be concealed by a pair of doors, to offer up floor space when it's not in use. If you have a large walk-in closet, you may be able to squeeze your bed into the closet, making the main studio room a designated living area. You could also use a pull-out couch as a bed, but I'm not so sure how good that'd be for your back. If you go for a classic bed, think about getting a bed with built-in storage, or using bed lifts (with a long bedskirt) so you can fit storage boxes beneath it.

Room Dividers:
Once that's decided, you can separate your sleeping and living areas with a room divider, or a curtain panel on hospital tracking. A transparent room divider bookcase is another option, which will divide the space without cutting out the line of sight across the room. Check out the Brocade Home Silhouette Storage, West Elm Room Divider Bookcase and Rectangle Cutout Bookcase, and Ikea EXPEDIT Bookcase to see what I mean. You can also blend the sleeping and living areas by placing a bench or ottoman, or an accent table and two chairs at the foot of the bed, opposite your coffee table and couch area.

To see the rest of my answer, drop by tomorrow to see what I have to say about the living area, dining table, and resources for studio living.


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